Using strategic thinking and design to create caring solutions


Healthcare led,
user focused design

Care Strategic develops high quality products that improve the safety and efficiency of patient care. In particular we look for high impact strategic opportunities – we work with medical professionals to identify healthcare worker and patient needs and opportunities. We then work together to find innovative high impact solutions.

We are committed to developing an ethical brand known for its user focused, innovative products.

  • We collaborate closely with leading medical professionals,
  • Have a vision to reach beyond ourselves for the sake of others,
  • Are passionate about design-thinking and innovation leading to practical real-world solutions, and
  • Have decades of experience in prototyping and manufacturing.

We believe our work can
contribute to a safer world

The Rediroom

Rediroom is a temporary, single-patient, isolation room designed to isolate infectious patients under contact or droplet precautions.
  • World-first flexible solution
  • Fully operational in 5 minutes
  • Hands-free entry & exit
  • Filters infectious air & odours
  • Wide applications

Why choose Care Strategic?

Award winning industrial

Research based solutions
User focused
real world solutions

Innovative commercialisation pathways

Advanced prototyping expertise

In-depth manufacturing knowledge

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